Smarter transportation to help seniors & working families

Access is everything:  for jobs, food, opportunity, transport, and in life.  Great cities bind neighborhoods and people together. As Mayor, I will attack the problem of “food deserts” and disconnected neighborhoods by de-siloing the labyrinth of agencies and bureaucracies which keep services in “silos” and fiefdoms.  This is what I trained to do, in my decades of designing solutions to struggling districts. Our transportation “solutions” in Dallas have tended to fail because we fail to see the true problem. We have spent billions of dollars on DART but more than 30 years after its start, families in South Dallas still have a tough time getting to work, buying groceries or seeing their doctors. Let’s be honest – we don’t need more lengthy studies or memos to know that our public transportation system doesn’t work for many of the people it was formed to help. It’s time to revisit our public transportation options to make sure we no longer leave behind working families, handicapped residents and senior citizens who struggle to get around our city.  We do that by breaking down the walls of red tape, welcoming experts, common sense DART users, key stakeholders, and private investment, and hammer our solutions that link, connect, and speed up our commutes.