Help for our school children before and after the bell rings

We must be bold and innovative in helping our children.  It’s easy to criticize DISD. But support is vital. The future of Dallas rests on the success of our teachers and parents as they train our next generation of entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and professionals.  Too many of our children come to school or leave school without sufficient encouragement, safety, and nutrition. But they will have a friend and servant leader in City Hall when I am Mayor. While I respect the independence of our school districts, I will focus on getting our students the help they need outside of our schools, starting with safe streets, pre-K services, crucial academic assistance, and on-point tutoring after the bell rings in an encouraging and productive atmosphere. I will have an open mind on any smart initiative to boost our young people as they learn in afterschool programs.  I am especially mindful of our children of working parents. We cannot revert to apathy or old, failed methods: our help as a City could be the difference between dropping out or graduation, and we all only do better when we all do better, in school and in our neighborhood schools.