Respect for police officers & firefighters

When we see an active duty member of our armed forces, we thank them for their service.  On planes or at Mavs games, they are given the best seats. That’s great! But why are we not thanking police officers and firefighters for their service?  Police officers put on a bullet-proof vest every morning as they hug their family goodbye. Firefighters run into danger for us; for our families. But when there’s a budget crisis, City Hall almost always cuts their funding. We owe them more respect and appreciation; that means thanks, that means proper planning, the best equipment and training, and that means resources, so their budgets are not vulnerable. As Mayor, I will fight hard for better pay, a stronger pension and smarter benefits for the men and women who risk their lives each day to make Dallas a safer place. And, if we’re going to depend on police and firefighters to keep us secure, they deserve more input on actual needs and staffing, as well as our thanks as we see them.