A better Dallas starts with stronger neighborhoods

Dallas is not defined narrowly by the strength of a central business district, with a busy Main Street, lined with skyscrapers, and framed by bridges.  Dallas is a great city because of the beautiful tapestry of our diverse neighborhoods: from Sunny South to western La Bajada, the vibrant Westmoreland Heights, old Dolphin Heights, and Lakewood Heights, from our jewel in need of bold action, Fair Park, to brave Jubilee Park, to the bedrock of Pleasant Grove and the pioneering Trinity Groves, from the winding shores of White Rock Lake to lovely Turtle Creek, from Moss Farm to the trees of Melshire Farm, from Casa Linda and Casa View up to Old Lake Highlands; the brazen fun of Deep Ellum, emerging Cedars, and a place I helped rebuild, the thriving Design District.  Out of West, East, North, South, and Center, let’s keep our unique diversity, and build one Dallas.

What I will do as Mayor is strengthen and revitalize our neighborhoods to be safer and stronger. We can only do this if we come together as one city and do what’s right for the future success of every part, starting with the ties that bind us, resolving the dilemmas of our past, moving past barriers, to make a lasting difference in our everyday lives by building now for the future, together.