Safer families in every part of Dallas

No candidate has been as firm as I have on public safety.  We can only work and build together, everywhere, when our streets and homes and businesses are secure.  We have a serious shortfall which I will address with my friends in the Dallas Police Department. The average response times for Dallas families calling 911 has increased dramatically over the past years; this is an unacceptable risk for victims of violent crime. With our police department short almost 1,000 officers, this is a problem City Hall has seen coming for years and has done little to improve.  An outsider can see this issue more clearly than career politicians always looking at the next campaign cycle. To resolve this officers shortfall, we need to boost revenue and prioritize spending to make sure public safety is a top responsibility, starting with making sure every part of Dallas has the patrol officers they need to stop violent criminals, gang members, drug dealers and others who target our families.  This really is job one, as we connect our neighborhoods, build confidence, and restore vitality to the communities who need help most.