Growing our economy one small business at a time

Every study shows:  new jobs come mostly from new small business startups. Dallas is still a great place to start a business. My great-great-grandfather walked here from Galveston in 1882 to start his business. More than a century later, I started my business on a shoestring budget and a $99 website. Dallas succeeds when small businesses such as these succeed, and as Mayor, I want to expand opportunities so more people can build and grow their businesses in our city. In doing so, we can continue to provide jobs for working families and valuable tax revenue to help pay for better roads, parks, police, and fire.  This is an area where my experience differs from the field: I am the candidate with deep and tested experience in building small businesses and building the water, sewers, streets, access, and districts for others to start their American dreams. I view this as a privilege: to share my hard-earned know-how with every vibrant or struggling neighborhood in our great city, building for tomorrow, together.