Ethics reforms to clean up City Hall

My bold ethics plan—with teeth— is endorsed by, and built on the best ideas of the City’s most reputable ethics reformers.

We have an ethics crisis at City Hall and half-hearted changes are not enough.  Ethics, honesty, and transparency should be basic values in government, but for the past two decades, we’ve endured too many scandals and arrests at City Hall. We need to create a new culture of integrity at City Hall where these disgraces are rare exceptions starting with comprehensive ethics reforms that include reducing the role of high paid lobbyists and require more transparent disclosures of their relationships with elected city leaders.  My plan empowers the people of Dallas, acting through a referendum, to take their City back, with the Council removed as judge and jury, and instead, elect an independent commission of ethics ombudsmen, autonomously able to launch deep and consequential investigations, prosecute even Council members, and finally clean up City Hall. We need to be proud of our leaders’ ethics. I share your embarrassment on the failing standards too many have in City Hall.  We must change.